10 Cool Stuffs You Shouldn’t Miss In Bali

May 2019

10 Cool Stuffs You Shouldn’t Miss In Bali

About the Blog: Bali is a wonderful vacation destination for those who love beaches and exotic cuisines. Other than these, you can find beaches, temples, museums, adventurous sports and wildlife sanctuaries. Listed below are some of the activities you can opt for in Bali.


The most popular tourist spot, the archipelago of Indonesia, Bali is the perfect combination of fun and enthusiasm. Millions of people are welcomed here every year because of the numerous spots of tourist interest. Once you come to Bali, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the stuff that happens here. Be it the adventurous sports, or the peaceful and quiet temples, all of it will please your soul.


This is why Bali comes under the most desirable tourist destination. Because of the amazing picturesque locations around, you would never want to leave this island. And, there is plenty of stuff that you can do on your vacation. Some of the things-to-do have been listed below. Go through the list to find out the details about these interesting activities.


1- The Bali Safari & Marine Park

This place is home to several unique flora and fauna. Here you get to witness how amazing this earth is. More than 60 different species of animals & birds can be observed in this park. The most popular part is the safari. You can opt for the bus safari that will provide you a tour of the complete area. All the rare and endangered species of birds can also be found in this park.


The Bali Safari and Marine Park.


2- Adventure Sports

Another famous segment of the Bali tour is the sports that boost up your energy level to the maximum. These sports are Trekking & Rafting. Trekking is usually done at the Mount Batur wherein trekkers behold the extraordinary sight of the setting sun from the topmost point of the mountain. Whereas, Rafting is mostly done on the Ayung River.


Adventure Sports


3- The Religious Temples

The Ulum Danu Temple located in the Baturiti district is an absolute delight for all the religious travelers. This historic temple was found in the 17th century and since then has gained immense importance amongst the people (natives/tourists). Travelers love to visit this Hindu-Buddhist temple. The fascinating architecture of this temple also attracts millions of tourists.


The Religious Temples


4- Shake A Leg

Known as the “Fire Dance” or the Kecak Dance is a Balinese Hindu dance form wherein several people perform together using fire as their prop. This dance originated in the 1930s and has emerged as a major festival for the natives. It comprises of intense drama and action which will keep you engaged until the end. And the way in which fir is used is absolutely breath-taking.


Shake A Leg.


5- Go Underwater at Tanjung Beach

Enhance the fun at Tanjung Beach, with the underwater walking. Yes! You read it right, take a U-N-D-E-R-W-A-T-E-R W-A-L-K at the beach and explore all the mystical marine creatures. A complete hour, you spend inside the water and get to observe the life underwater. The waters are crystal clear hence you can clearly look beneath it. You can also opt for a jetpack ride or scuba diving. 


Go Underwater at Tanjung Beach


6- Climb up the Trees

A Treetop Adventure Park situated in Candikuning that is in Baturiti district offers you an incredible experience. You travel from one tree to another on the in the following ways: bridges, flying fox, Tarzan jumps, swings and spider webs. Not only the children but the grown-ups too love this activity. The dense forests and greenery around are worth your time. The park is divided into six segments, the last one being the most difficult to pass and the first is the easiest.


Climb up the Trees


7- Biking Activity

Wondering which bike stuff you get to do. Well, there are two, mountain biking and dirt biking. Mountain biking is when you ride up on a mountain overcoming all the hindrance that follows. And, dirt biking is when you cross the dense jungles, beaches, waterfalls, and mountains on your bikes. These are the most popular activities that are done in Bali and you’ve got to experience them.



8- Cycling Tour

Take a tour of the entire island on your bicycles. A peaceful way to explore the place. If you like to be in solitude, this is an excellent method to travel. Put on some good music and pick up your bicycles. Discover the magnificence of the island and all the other stuff that happens here. You can also halt near the mountains to gaze at the picturesque landscapes all around you.



9- Blanco Renaissance Museum

If you have some interest in art & Literature, the Blanco Renaissance Museum is what you need to visit. Situated in Ubud, this museum is just five minutes away from the Puri Saren Royal Palace. For children, entry is free. This museum definitely comes under the to-do list in Bali. The amazing collection of works from the ancient periods are showcased here and thousands gather together to observe it.



10- Explore Ubud

Ubud, an extremely interesting place, wherein you can visit both, The Art Market and the Monkey Forest. In the Art Market, you find exclusive and wonderful stuff which cannot be found anywhere else. And the Monkey Forest is another fascinating place where travelers love to visit. You come face-to-face with rare and captivating monkeys. These monkeys stay in the open and no one can cause them any harm.


explore ubud


Undoubtedly, Bali is an awesome holiday spot thus, it’s rude to pick stuff up and leave the rest because they are all fascinating. Preparing this list was tough as there is nothing you would want to neglect here. Also, the factor that’ll amplify your joy is the holiday package. The Country Holidays World Dubai Travel Holiday Package does not let you worry about anything, they’ve got everything i.e. from resorts to cuisines.

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