5 Best Places to Visit in Mauritius In 2019

Aug 2019

5 Best Places to Visit in Mauritius In 2019

About the Blog: Planning a trip to Mauritius? These are the 5 best places to visit in Mauritius in 2019 with family/friends. The clean and green atmosphere around will definitely soothe your soul for good.


Present in the Indian Ocean is an incredibly fascinating island country, which is none other than Mauritius. Usually, the major reasons behind planning a vacation to Mauritius is the spread of captivating locations all around. The country comprises of wonderful beaches that are a delight to explore. Along with that, the country lets the explorers experience what it’s like to stay connected with nature. The spread of beautiful forests and the charming environment make up this extraordinary country. And the fact that being an island, it is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on only tends to enhance the beauty and charm of this country.


Mauritius thus comprises of some extremely magnificent locations for the travellers to explore but here are the 5 best places to visit in Mauritius in 2019. Read on to learn more about these spots and what exactly are they famous for.


1- Seven Colored Earth

The Seven Colored Earth is situated in the Chamarel plain of Mauritius. This is the place where the grounds are coloured up naturally. It simply is a delight for the human eye to explore and observe. Millions of tourists are attracted to this amazingly beautiful rainbow ground in Mauritius.


Seven Colored Earth


2- Pereybere

A mesmerizing beach amidst the fascinating country of Mauritius is none other than Pereybere. This beach is as unique and charming as the name itself. The beach is a major attraction in the country and welcomes more than thousands of travellers with each passing year and hence is a must-visit.




3- Casela World of Adventures

Experience some fun and relax your minds at the Casela World of Adventures in Mauritius. The Casela World of Adventures keeps the tourists entertained by letting them observe the rarest species of flora and fauna that are an absolute blissful sight for humans, different from what their hectic lives.


Casela World of Adventures


4- Trou Aux Cerfs

The Trou Aux Cerfs, commonly known as the Murr’s Volcano is a passive volcano located in the Curepipe, Mauritius. This volcano is around 605 meters high, 350 meters in diameter and approximately 80 meters deep. The Trou Aux Cerfs is yet another splendid spot to explore for the travellers in Mauritius.


Trou Aux Cerfs


5- Port Louis Market

Too tired from sightseeing, try shopping at the Port Louis Market of Mauritius. This market is equipped with every little accessory that one might need for them. Also, shopping in the Port Louis market is a huge stress releaser. So, explore this enchanting market area of Mauritius on your vacation.


Port Louis Market


These are the 5 most fascinating places to visit in Mauritius, but except these, there are several more that are worth exploring at-least once in your entire lifetime. Travelling to Mauritius with your family or friends is definitely the best way to spend your vacations. Make your vacations even more memorable by connecting with Country Holidays World Dubai today. Get a wide range of holiday memberships with several offers included in it.

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