5 Captivating Destinations to Visit in Greece!

Aug 2019

5 Captivating Destinations to Visit in Greece!

About the Blog: If Greece is one of your favourite destination or even the one on your wish-list, then this blog is a must-read. Know about the 5 Captivating Destinations to Visit in Greece with your loved ones.


Greece is worldwide renowned as one of the most ancient state because of its major connectivity with the historic periods. The Greek Mythologies are also extremely popular amidst the people and they let people know about the amazing past of the state. Athens being the capital city of Greece is also a captivating beauty in itself. Each year the state welcomes more than millions of people to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the state. Greece was earlier known as Hellas and the Hellenic Republic. Greece is the most admired tourist destination and can be visited at any time of the year. The exceptional beauty and charm of Greece is breath-taking for all.


Today, the blog discusses about the 5 Captivating Destinations to Visit in Greece wherein one can visit with their family/friends whenever they want to and that too within their budgets. Go through these magnificent destinations in Greece.


1- Lake Vouliagmeni

Lake Vouliagmeni is as unique as its name sounds but is exceptionally beautiful and worth experiencing at least once if you are planning a trip to Greece or are already there. This lake is located near a gigantic cave and boating is extremely common over here. The beauty of the lake is worldwide renowned.


Lake Vouliagmeni

2- Athens

Greece’s capital city and a spectacular location to explore for the tourists, Athens is a complete package for all. National Archaeological Museum, Acropolis, Agora etc. are some of the must-visit in Athens. Apart from that, diversified cuisine options are also amazing in this city.




3- Milos Island

A popular destination for the couples, Milos Island is where the charming area of Santorini is present. This island is absolute heaven for the people which is why thousands can be seen here, relaxing and refreshing their minds. All around the island, there are magnificent beaches which are a delight for people.


Milos Island


4- Corfu

One of the most picturesque locations of the rest is none other than Corfu. Home for multiple people and the favourite vacation destination for the rest, Corfu is undeniably the best leisure spot if travelers need to calm down their souls. If you are going to travel to Greece, Corfu is a must-visit too.




5- Santo

Scenic and breath-taking views scattered everywhere so that the travellers get to spend the most memorable vacation of their lifetime. Santo is an exceptional beauty that is awaiting the tourists’ exploration. People enjoy the magical sunsets at this area and get to enjoy the scrumptious cuisine as well.




Greece undoubtedly is one of the most desirable tourist holiday spots and these locations make it even more alluring than it already is. So, one can easily plan to visit these extraordinary destinations with their family and friends at the most affordable prices without extra expenditures by connecting with Country Holidays World Dubai. Get the best deals on holiday memberships and the liberty to select the one you want.

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