5 Romantic Things to do in Kuwait

Aug 2019

5 Romantic Things to do in Kuwait

About the Blog: Here is the list of 5 romantic things to do in Kuwait and these are surely going to be the most memorable things for the couples to remember whenever they’ll think about their vacations.


Kuwait, situated in the Western Asia is the fourth-richest country with more than billion population. Kuwait is well-renowned for the oil-reserves that is present over there and the fact that there are some exceptional touristy attractions over there, makes it even more breath-taking than it already is. The country welcomes more than thousands of travellers/explorers in here. Kuwait is one of the most extraordinary destination for the couples as well. Those who are searching for the perfect getaway for their honeymoon can travel to Kuwait and spend some quality time over there. The best season to visit Kuwait is in the colder months that is October to March.


Undoubtedly, Kuwait is a uniquely excellent option for the couples to travel to. An offbeat place and yet the most charming of all. The 5 Romantic Things to do in Kuwait have been enlisted below so read on to know about the attractions in Kuwait.


1- Mirror Place

The Mirror Place is a fun house that has solely been designed for the travellers to have fun and spend some quality time. The Mirror Place comprises of diverse range, shapes and sizes of mirrors attached to every wall inside of the building. This is meant to enhance the charm of the place and also lets the people have a great time.


Mirror Place


2- Kuwait National Museum

The Kuwait National Museum is another touristy location to explore with your loved ones. Inside the Kuwait National Museum, one many find antiques and articles that dates back to the historic era when Kuwait was still an under-developed country. This museum is an excellent example of the country’s evolution.


Kuwait National Museum


3- The Scientific Center

One of the most intriguing place for all those who love learning about science and facts related to it, is none other than the Scientific Center. Spread in over 80,000 square meters of area, the Kuwait Scientific Center is well-renowned for the huge tourist attraction and the fact that it is one of the most interesting places has been said by the travellers.


Scientific Center


4- Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are the three gigantic towers that stand tall amidst the main lands of the country. One of these towers that consist of two spheres is 187 meter high along with a water tank and a spinning restaurant. The second tower is 147 meter high and the sphere is a water-tank as well whilst the third tower acts as a power source for the other two.


Kuwait Towers


5- Lenôtre Kuwait

A captivating family restaurant that has been serving the most scrumptious cuisines for years and is an ideal place for families to chill out and relax is the Lenôtre, which is an exceptional hub for relaxation. The Lenôtre Restaurant is definitely the most refreshing and fascinating restaurant that every couple must visit in Kuwait.


Lenôtre Restaurant


Hence, these are five of the best things for the couples to try out in Kuwait are these which must be experienced by every couple over there. Those who are planning their trips to this beautiful country can also connect with Country Holidays World Dubai to get access to a better holiday trip. Every individual can travel anywhere they wish to only by connecting with CHWD or opting for whichever holiday membership they wish to.

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