6 Spectacular Things to Experience in Singapore

Aug 2019

6 Spectacular Things to Experience in Singapore

About the Blog: Looking to go on a vacation in Singapore? Know about some of the fascinating things that are present over there and book your flights accordingly. Presenting to you the 6 Spectacular Things to Experience in Singapore.


Singapore, the name is enough to fill people up with delight and the magical beauty of the place does it magnificently every single time for every traveller. Singapore serves as the perfect destination to travel to, for those who look forward to spend their vacations in the most breath-taking way. The island city-state considers some of the most fascinating to-do activities for the tourists along with the rich culture that prevails here since the ancient times. The architectural marvels, the serenity in the environment and the harmonious people make this city-state one of the most popular ones, in the entire world. Singapore is well-renowned for the amazingly scrumptious cuisine and its diversities that are available here.


All those who have been planning a trip to Singapore must know about the famous as well as the commonly pursued activities in there. There are a wide number of activities one can opt for when going on a vacation to Singapore. Below listed are some of the most fascinating things an individual can get to experience in Singapore.


1- Universal Studios

In Sentosa Island, Singapore is the most popular tourist destination, not only for the kids but also for the adults, and that is none other than the Universal Studios. The Universal Studios of Singapore in the second most famous one in entire Asia. This is a theme-based park with more than 28 fun & exciting rides for travellers. Millions of people are welcomed to this amazing park each year.


Universal Studios


2- S.E.A. Aquarium

Interested in observing the diversified marine life and the aquatic animals, then there’s no place better than the S.E.A. Aquarium. There is a spectrum of species to observe in this aquarium. The Aquarium comprises of 49 marine habitation which furthermore comprises of more than 100,000 creatures, some of them are a rare sight for the eyes. There is an exotic shark tunnel inside which a variety of sharks can be seen right above people’s heads.




3- National Gallery

The National Gallery of Singapore takes the travellers on the most fascinating journey of through the initial phases of the city to the current ones. Singapore has the most extraordinary history attached to it. This National Gallery comprises of it all, the history, the geography, and the present. People get attracted to the way things have been presented in this gallery.




4- Clark Quay

If you have gone to Singapore but haven’t been to the Clark Quay, you haven’t actually seen the real Singapore. The Clark Quay is popular for the breath-taking nightlife scenarios of the city. Clark Quay has been the centre of attraction for millions of travellers because of the marvellous beauty that prevails here. Clark Quay is definitely of the best ways to define the nightlife enjoyment and fun of Singapore.




5- Gardens by the Bay

Bet you have never heard of a Supertree. At the Gardens by the Bay, travellers can find the brilliantly designed Supertree and dome-shaped structures along with lush greenery all around. Gardens by the Bay is certainly the most refreshing and rejuvenating botanical garden that people can find in Singapore. Take a stroll through the greenery and un-stress your minds from every little thing.




6- Marina Bay

Last but not least is the captivating Marina Bay that provides a bewitching view of the skyline of Singapore. The Marina has been named as the most attractive tourist destination of Singapore that magnetises millions of travellers through its sheer beauty. Well-renowned for its unique architecture, the Marina Bay is considered as one of the significant monument in the city-state of Singapore.




When in Singapore, try not to miss out on these extraordinary things to do. A trip to Singapore is always refreshing, doesn’t matter whether it’s with friends or family, it is bound to be amazing because the destination itself is fascinating. For enhanced fun on your vacation, connect with Country Holidays World Dubai. Get the most exciting deals on holiday memberships along with a range of vouchers to multiply the fun.

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