7 Things to Try Out On a Sojourn to Antarctica

Aug 2019

7 Things to Try Out On a Sojourn to Antarctica

About the Blog: This vacation, plan a trip to the end-point of Earth’s surface that is the South Pole, or the continent of Antarctica. But first, learn more about the continent and the things to do in there.


Antarctica is situated in the southernmost tip of Earth, which is at the South Pole. Antarctica is opposite to that of the North Pole. Being at the southernmost part of the planet makes it prone to extreme temperatures and pressures that also change the cycle of seasons that are faced over there. It is the ultimate adventure to travel towards Antarctica via cruise and also a dream for millions. Though there isn’t any human habitation, in particular, some of the rarest species of animals and birds can be found over here. Exploring this diverse range of fauna is a mini-adventure in itself and exciting as well. For those who dream of travelling to Antarctica someday, we present the ultimate list of adventure activities to pursue.

There are a lot of unique and interesting activities to try out in the continent. As soon as you reach this place, it will captivate your heart and soul forever. Below enlisted are the list of activities and the places one must visit in Antarctica:


1- Port Lockroy

Situated in the Palmer Archipelago, is Antarctica’s most visited harbour area, the Port Lockroy. This natural harbour is famous for the “post-office” through which postcards can be shared anywhere across the world. Apart from that, souvenirs can be bought from this port to carry across the world.


Port Lockroy


2- Deception Island

Antarctica’s safest harbour that was once part of the whaling industry now stands with huge oil barriers and an active volcano, is none other than the Deception Island. The island is now barren and open for the tourists who love to keep exploring and discovering something new each day.


Deception Island


3- Lemaire Channel

The captivating watercourse of Antarctica is the Lemaire Channel. This water passage is used by the tourists to explore the nearby areas. Also, for all those, who experience the cruising on this channel, it becomes the most memorable moment that will forever be engraved in their souls.


Lemaire Channel


4- Observing Fauna

There isn’t much habitat in super-cold Antarctica but still, some rarest and fascinating species of animals & birds manage to live here. Observing them is a delightful experience for travelers. Some of these amazing fauna include Penguins, Whales, Krill, Albatross, Leopard Seals, and Snowy Sheathbill etc.


Observing Fauna


5- Drake Passage

The most stunning connectivity between Cape Horn (South America) and South Shetland Island (Antarctica) is the Drake Passage. The Passage is a great pathway to go cruising with your loved ones. With time, the Drake Passage has gained immense popularity amidst those who love travelling.


Drake Passage


6- Camping/Kayaking

Talk about the adventurous activity to do in Antarctica, and people will name plenty but the two most famous activities to opt for in Antarctica are Camping and Kayaking. While camping is somewhat of more quiet activity, Kayaking is extremely different in every form. Pursuing these activities in Antarctica is a dream for many.


Camping and Kayaking


7- Polar Plunge

An activity that is practised almost everywhere around the world but signifies different meanings in different states, is Polar Plunge. In this activity, people have to get into the sea despite the cold temperature. In the UK, Polar Plunges are done for a charitable process whereas in other countries/towns its significance differs.


Polar Plunges


Planning a trip to Antarctica is undoubtedly one of the greatest ideas for a vacation. Also, the trip itself will be the most adventurous of all. Cruising to Antarctica whilst observing the surroundings is the best way to travel to Antarctica. For more information on travelling or resorts to book or the flights, connect with Country Holidays World Dubai. Travel all around the world, with family in luxury as well as in affordable deals on holiday memberships.

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