Explore These Enthralling Places in Sri Lanka in 2019

Sep 2019

Explore These Enthralling Places in Sri Lanka in 2019

About the Blog: Sri Lanka is a great place to travel to with your family as well as your friends, with so many landmarks some historic and some modern. Explore these enthralling places in Sri Lanka in 2019.


In the Indian Ocean, another marvel of nature resides which is none other than Sri Lanka. Lush green valleys are what you get to see here along with amazing blend of seafood. Sri Lanka is also popular for the mythological tales that are connected to it. Sri Lanka is one of those countries that has been mentioned in the pre-historic era in certain mythologies for the significant role in it. Since then, it has become a major tourist attraction for thousands of people all across the world. Sri Lanka is particularly an island country which is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Multiple transportation options are available that connect Sri Lanka with other countries/cities/towns. Out of these, the waterways are the most excellent way to travel over here. The best route to Sri Lanka is undeniably through the waterways or cruises.


The captivating beaches, the alluring mountains and the fascinating nature always cheers up the most tired of all, and in Sri Lanka, these can be found, observed and explored in abundance. Explore these enthralling places in Sri Lanka in 2019 with your friends and family. At these destinations, one can truly enjoy the beauty of this island country.


1- Nine Arches Bridge

The colonial design bridge which is a captivating point for the tourists to explore is none other than the Nine Arches Bridge. This bridge has become a huge tourist attraction because of the unique construction and placement of the bridge. Surrounded by lush green trees around, the Nine Arches Bridge is a must-visit for all.


Nine Arches Bridge


2- Ramboda Falls

The majestic Ramboda Falls in Sri Lanka is worldwide renowned for being 11th highest waterfall in the country whereas being 729th highest in the world. Known for its magnificence, the Ramboda Falls have eventually become the most extraordinary tourist destination for millions of travellers.


Ramboda Falls


3- Temple Of Sacred Tooth Relic

One of the major attractions in Sri Lanka is a breath-taking temple that goes by the name, Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic. Based on the teachings of Buddha, this temple basically promotes peace around the world and over the years has become an important tourist stopover for multiple people.


Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic


4- Hikkaduwa Beach

Straight out of a postcard place, Hikkaduwa Beach is the best place to relax and rejuvenate with your family/friends. Hikkaduwa Beach welcomes more than thousands of tourists to observe. The tourists love to enjoy a stress-free vacation at the shores of the Hikkaduwa Beach.


Hikkaduwa Beach


5- Adam’s Peak

Truly a magical place to overlook the complete island-country of Sri Lanka is Adam’s Peak. Commonly regarded as the Sri Pada. This peak is a great place for the trekkers/hikers/adventurers to enjoy and explore the surroundings. Adam’s Peak must be visited whilst in Sri Lanka.


Adam’s Peak


Sri Lanka comprises of some super-cool locations to check out. Some of these locations are connected with myths and legends that prevailed in ancient times. And these are a must-visit for all those people who have gone on international tour or are planning to go on an international tour to Sri Lanka. For more fun and better vacation planning, connect with Country Holidays World Dubai and get access to millions of facilities & features. Get to choose from a wide range of holiday memberships.

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