The Perfect Travel Guide for Your Shanghai Trip

Jul 2019

The Perfect Travel Guide for Your Shanghai Trip

About the Blog: All that you need to know about your favorite destination is present here. Get a clearer picture of the tourist hub of China, i.e., Shanghai.

Shanghai, one of the most populous and touristy cities of China, is recognized to be extremely popular amidst the tourists. Probably because of the marvelous sites and exotic culture of the city. Shanghai consists of some of the most exquisite architectures that are a treat for everyone’s eyes. Furthermore, the city welcomes millions of tourists every year. All these travelers enjoy themselves in this city. The diversified culture, art & architecture are all beyond words.

China’s largest city, Shanghai is globally renowned as every tourists’ dream destination. This is because of the magnificent beauty of the city. Whoever decides to come here once, gets hooked on to this city because of the multiple qualities it possesses. More than half of the people are left spell-bounded by the scrumptious cuisine that is present in Shanghai. To know about the essentials not to miss on your tour, read ahead:

  • Time Travel

The medieval era buildings/monuments/architecture will take you hundreds of years back in time and you’ll get to experience the beauty of art. There is an old town in the city where numerous monuments are stationed. These are exceptionally ancient and date back to the Ming Dynasty. A captivating garden that goes by the name Yu Yuan Garden is located in the core of this town.


  • Mount Onto Maglev

Board the Maglev (Magnetic Levitation), a lightning-fast train, also named as the fastest running train in the world. Maglev will take you on an exceptional ride of the city. It would be an out of the world experience for your family/friends. This is one of the most fun things to experience in Shanghai and should not be missed at any cost. The Maglev will give you a fine outline of the city and leave you craving for more.


  • The Bund

In the core of the city, is an ethereal place that goes by the name Bund. The Bund is Shanghai’s most loved area. Even the tourists do not miss the opportunity of exploring this place. Basically, the Bund is a waterfront that is lit up with bright sparkling lights. Reflections of the gigantic buildings of Shanghai can clearly be observed in the river that flows nearby. An absolute beauty the Bund shouldn’t be missed in Shanghai.


  • Nouvelle Cuisine

Exotic, Vivid and Mouth-watering Cuisine is the essence of Shanghai and a fundamental segment of the city. The diversities in food and a variety of delicious food options are surely a delight for the people. Tourists absolutely adore the kind of food that is served here. People also have multiple ranges of cuisine to choose from. Everything you like or wish for is easily available here. So don’t miss the food section while traveling.


  • Disneyland

The dreamy and magical place which is none other than Disneyland is a must visit when traveling to Shanghai. Shanghai’s Disneyland is the first and the largest in China. Millions of people are seen traveling to this amazing location. Even the adults begin to act like children when visiting this breath-taking park. Going to Shanghai and not exploring Disneyland is surely tragic.


  • Enchanting Marketplace

The ravishing marketplace was to get to some unique art, culture, clothing and what not. Shanghai’s markets are popular all over the world for these brilliantly unique things that are available over here. The marketplace of Shanghai is truly mystical. Tons of stuff and you’ll want to buy it all. So the enchanting marketplaces of Shanghai are huge yes for all the shoppers who love to buy.


Shanghai will truly be an epic experience for all those who are planning to go on a vacation over there. For all those who are looking forward to spending a vacation with their family/friends can connect with Country Holidays World Dubai to enhance the fun on their vacations. The diverse range of holiday package options it provides are all amazing and the customers can select the one they wish to. The best part about it is that all of the fun will be within your budget.

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