Top 6 Groovy Music Festivals Around the World

Jul 2019

Top 6 Groovy Music Festivals Around the World

About the Blog: Presenting to all, the coolest music festivals that have ever existed. Not only will these refresh your minds but will also reinvigorate your souls.


Music is the language of the universe. It is the way in which the universe communicates with every living being. Different cultures, different languages, different souls but united by hearts. Music is what soothes the soul and refreshes the minds of every person out there. No one can deny the fact that good music comforts the soul like no one else can. Therefore presenting to all, some of the most extraordinary music festivals that occur around the world. Many of you might not be having the slightest idea about these whereas some of you too busy to take a day off from work. For all these super-busy people, these music festivals are a gift.


Check out these super-amazing list to know about the ongoing music festivals that you can attend this year.


1- Donauinselfest

The Donauinselfest is annually celebrated in the month of June in Vienna, Austria. In the year 2016, 3.1 million people had attended this music festival. The Donauinselfest is also free for everyone to attend. Celebrating music and freedom, this festival is one of the oldest music festival ever. Over 200 acts/concerts on 11 different stages are done in this festival which is why millions come down here.




2- Mawazine

Every year in May, the capital city of Morocco hosts a breath-taking cultural event which goes by the name Mawazine. Rabat is popular amidst the world for hosting of this beautiful event. Over 2.65 million people had joined this music festival back in the year 2015. Famous Hollywood celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Rod Stewart have also made people dance and sing along with them.




3- Summerfest

Milwaukee, Wisconsin’ yearly music festival, Summerfest is currently one of the major attractions in the city. A total of 804,000 people had attended the Summerfest in the year 2016. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink and Bob Dylan had presented in the year 2017. The Summerfest always manages to attract a huge amount of crowd towards itself. Summerfest surely is a treat for everyone.




4- Rock in Rio

The Rock in Rio originated in the year 1985 and since then it has become a common festive activity which is attended by millions of people. Some of the prominent stars who always attend this music festival are like Katy Perry, Rhianna, Queen, Metallica, Rod Stewart and Elton John. Rock in Rio, one of the most dazzling music festival ever, is celebrated every odd year (2017, 2019...) in Brazil’s Rio De Jeniero.


Rock in Rio


5- Coachella

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festivals is one of the most fundamental music celebratory that originated in the year 1993. In the state of California, this fascinating musical is celebrated and presenter’ list includes Radiohead, Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar. Coachella has now become the most attended music festival wherein the crowd keeps on escalating with each passing year.




6- Sziget Festival

Initiated in Hungary, Budapest, the Sziget Festival is counted as one of major events worldwide. Rhianna, Muse, Sigur Ros and Sia are some of the many stars that are known performers at the Sziget Music Festival. Every year in the month of August this breath-taking festival is celebrated. The Sziget Festival is now on every natives’ list. No-one wants to miss this amazing music show.


Sziget Festival


These are the most popular music festivals which are celebrated every year all across the world. Millions of people love to attend these festivals where they can relax with their family/friends. The best part about these festivals is that there isn’t any entry fee to most of them. Thus, a pure soul-satisfying scenario can be observed here. Travel to these super fun festivals with the holiday membership of Country Holidays World Dubai.

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