Try out these Super Fun Flotels Worldwide

Apr 2019

Try out these Super Fun Flotels Worldwide

About the Blog: Want to try out something unique? Opt for the extraordinary Floating Hotels or Flotels this vacation. An awesome way to spend some quality time with your family.

The origination of restaurant on river dates back to the 1940s’ when abandoned ships were being used by the natives as a leisure spot. Later on, these ships transformed into exquisite hotels. This began to attract millions of explorers from all around the world. Because of its uniqueness, Flotels became immensely popular amongst the tourists. The idea of spending vacations on water fascinates many people and thus magnetizes them to reach these destinations.

Excellent hospitality, picturesque surrounding, and the extremely delicious cuisine will be a never before experience for you. This blog will help you determine which destination you will be traveling to next. These hotels on waters are super exciting for all the explorers who love to try out something different from others. Families also enjoy their vacations in these destinations. Enlisted below are the world’s most famous floating restaurants/hotels:

  • Catamarans (Serbia):

Situated in Serbia, Catamarans is a magnificent hotel wherein you can explore the amazing environment around you. The outstanding design of this hotel and the mouth-watering cuisine are a major tourist attraction. Basically, this hotel is divided into two units: Central Floating Construction & Apartment Units. 2-4 people can easily accommodate in these hotels luxury hotels.


  • Off Paris Seine(France):

Stationed in the posh area of Paris, the Off Paris Seine is just five minutes away from the Austerlitz metro, two minutes away from Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris. You get to explore some of the finest architecture and cuisine in this resort. This place fills the tourists with delight. Since it is located in the fashion hub of the world and the most famous Eiffel Tower, travelers love to visit this resort.


  • River Kwai Jungle Rafts(Thailand):

An extraordinary resort placed in the middle of the jungle, River Kwai Jungle Resort in Thailand is a great example of maintaining environmental balance. The awe-inspiring designing of this hotel impresses the tourists. The resort doesn’t cause any damage to the dense forests and that is why millions of travelers come here to explore this resort. Water flowing beneath your beds will amaze you the most.


  • The Manta Resort(Tanzania):

The most luxurious beach-resort, i.e. The Manta Resort is Tanzania’s most amazing destination. Watch the alluring marine animals, underwater rooms will be a never-before experience for you. One of the best parts of this resort is the Underwater Room wherein you can actually observe how amazing the aquatic life is. All the fun within your budget at this awesome floating hotel/resort.


  • King Pacific Lodge(Canada):

Canada is home to one of the most amazing flotel in the world, King Pacific Lodge. This resort is an extremely adventurous place wherein the tourists can also go fishing. The lodge can be accessed via seaplanes. The fine wine & dine will captivate your mind and soul. And the nearby locations are also some popular hotspots for tourists to visit. The lodge is bound to steal your heart away.


  • Zambezi Queen(Africa):

Zambezi Queen is a luxury hotel situated in Africa. If you want to experience peace & serenity around you Zambezi Queen is the right place for you. The extremely lavish 42-meter hotel comprises of rooms designed with modern furnishings. Experience the beauty of wildlife through this flotel.


Above listed flotels are a must visit because of their unique design, comfortable rooms, and delicious cuisines. These places are even more fun when you visit with your family/friends. Because the time you spend with your family is extremely priceless, we thus, want what’s best for you. Also for an extraordinary experience book your holiday membership with Country Holidays World Dubai.

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