Try the Unique Green-Tourism to Explore New Zealand

Jul 2019

Try the Unique Green-Tourism to Explore New Zealand

About the Blog: Travel and save the environment! Sounds fun right! Go Green whilst exploring New Zealand and travel will never be the same for you.

Green Tourism is a term that is the need of the hour. Due to an escalation in the level of contamination in air, water and on land, people today need to focus on a better and safer way to travel, that keeps the environment secure. That is when the green-tourism or the ecotourism came into existence. Green-tourism aims at discovering better methods to travel around the world. With the help of this method, one can contribute to saving the environment from pollution. Green-tourism is encouraged in almost every country/city/town. Lesser the waste production, Pollution level too will automatically decrease. That is the sole reason why Green-Tourism came into existence and is practiced everywhere today.

New Zealand is one of those countries where Green-Tourism can be done in the most breath-taking way. New Zealand in the home to some of the finest natural attractions along with several other interesting activities to-do/places to visit. Recent studies have observed an enormous increase in tourists who practice Green-Tourism.

  • Mount Hikurangi

In the northern part of Gisborne, the mighty Mount Hikurangi is stationed.  This mountain range is an absolute favorite of the trekkers that go for a hike. Mount Hikurangi is at an elevation of 1752 m from the ground and that is what makes it immensely breath-taking and an adventure of a lifetime for all.


  • Cathedral Cove

Next in line is the enchanting Whanganui-A-Hei (Cathedral Cove) Marine Reserve. Cathedral Cove is one of the most popular beaches that is present in New Zealand that welcomes thousands of tourists every year to have fun on their vacations. Sea Kayaking is extremely common and a must-try here.


  • Glacier Country

Franz Josef Glacier, the most visited Glacier of all. The views from here are captivating enough to keep the traveler's heart and soul mesmerized forever. The Franz Josef Glacier is best known for the “tramps”, that is what hikes in New Zealand are known as. Several people can be seen exploring these glaciers.


  • Rotorua

The hub of geothermal activities, Rotorua gets its name from the dazzling Lake Rotorua on whose shores the city is present. The surroundings in here are just magical and are bound to leave you amazed. Rotorua is a must-visit in New Zealand and is definitely worth spending your time in.


  • Kaikoura

North from Christchurch, is an exceptionally beautiful town that is none other than Kaikoura. This town is famous for its diverse range of animals and birds that reside here. Kaikoura gives you an insight into the world’s rarest species of flora and fauna. For the tourists who love to explore, Kaikoura is the best destination.


  • Tongariro

The Tongariro National Park, the oldest and most precious heritage of New Zealand is well-renowned all across the world because of the scenic views and closeness to nature that helps the people/tourists/travelers to connect with nature in the purest forms. Hiking is the most common activity here.


  • Milford Sound

If you love cruising, Milford Sound is your perfect destination. Milford Sound is actually a fiord, that is, a calm and peaceful sea surrounded by huge cliffs on both sides. To relax and refresh your souls, Milford Sound is an excellent escape. Cruise around and explore the environment in serenity.

Green-Tourism is not only interesting but the most conventional & easiest way to travel around the globe. And the fact that it decreases levels of pollution is what makes it even more amazing than it already is. Explore New Zealand in the best possible way and gather some of the most memorable experiences to cherish for a lifetime. For more information on managing and booking the trips/resorts/flights, connect with Country Holidays World Dubai.

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